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PHU PHAT INVESTMENT PRODUCE CO., Ltd, enterprise with 100% Taiwan owned capital, our company is established on February 2019 and have been starting production on May 2019. The main our product is plastic trays forming (use material PS/ OPS; PET; PP). Our products is diversity and abundance providing for packaging in food (including: food containers, food tray, fruits containers, fish containers ...); for component trays and other branches of using single-use plastic to packaging.
Using the OPS material make top cover food containersthe clamshell containers,... is specially our main strength. The benefit of using OPS material can prevent the moisture condensation on the surface of the food containers. It makes customers more convenient and satisfied when they use it.
At the moment, the Government encouragement of Vietnam looks forward to reducing the single-use plastics and replace its by the eco-friendly for environment in the future. We understands the importance of encouragement, so we have researched and produced the recyclable materials plastic film, after that we using it to make the trays. The products are properly eco-friendly for environment and especially safety for food.
On the other hand, our company can design the plastics trays based on ideas and demands of customer.
Phu Phat Investment Produce Co,. Ltd is committed to creating quality products, with strict inspection of input and output of finished products, ensuring delivery on time commitment. The material is always test in SGS centers and Quatest 3 centers before using.
Our company operates on the principle of "Customer is God" so employees always try their best to bring the best products and services to customers.

Address: 79, Hamlet 2, Long Khe Commune, Can Duoc District,  Long An Province.
Hotline: (0272) 3880 669
Sale Department:
Mr. Hung: 08 1767 9517;
Mr. Chen: 036 9986 394;
Email: phuphat214@gmail.com hoặc marasyun@gmail.com

Phu Phat Production Investment Co., Ltd

Address: 79, ap 2, Long Khe commune, Can Duoc district, Long An province

   Hotline : (0272) 3880 669 

Mobile :  Mr. Hung: 081767 9517    Email : phuphat214@gmail.com 

Website: http://phuphatpacking.com